Thursday, July 16, 2020

Irons In the Fire At Appendix N Entertainment

Alright folks. This post is for my own organizational needs, as much as it is an announcement as to what is going on with upcoming and future releases. So, here is an update regarding our releases.

Gateway To Adventure: Old-School Essentials Compatible

T1 -Hidden Hand of the Horla - Old-School Essentials version. All backers have PDFs. Most backers in the states should now have, or soon have their physical copies. International shipping will begin next week. After everything is out, to backers, the physical copies will go up for sale to the general public. PDFs are currently for sale to the public (see the Appendix N Entertainment Store.)

Octhorrorfest zine- Old-School Essentials - Writing is nearing completion, voted upon and backer submitted monsters need to be stated.  Most art is in. Editing to begin early August. We are on track to deliver late August. Late September this will be available to non-backers.

PY1 - Solar Sanctuary of the Cannibal Corpse - This title is getting a revision to make it cleaner and fit the new Gateway To Adventure format, similar to the appearance of Hidden Hand of the Horla. Some errata will be added as well. Those who have purchased the PDF on Drivethrurpg will get the update automatically. Those who purchased through Kickstarter will be contacted to received a free copy of the new format through Drviethrurpg. No date set currently. Likely late August - early September.

Untitled Sorcerer Booklet - This will be a booklet featuring a sorcerer class for OSE. New spells and magic rules will also be featured. - Early in development.

Lost Classes: The Alchemist and Healer - A book featuring an OSE update for two classes inspired by two early classes in Dragon Magazine these will be different than the originals in several ways, streamlined for OSE. This booklet will also feature new spells and alchemy rules. - Early in development.

SW1 - Rats! - A sewer crawl adventure for OSE with a basis in the Pied Piper of Hamlin, and influenced by mid-1980s Warhammer. - Early stage development.

Gateway to Adventure Guide To Skills & Combat - Intended to be our first hardcover book, this will feature modular options for combat, a full system for running tournaments with a revised jousting system based on the one presented in Chainmail, a non-weapon profieciency system, alternate thief skill system and alternate Secondary Skills lists for Sword & Sorcery and Weird Fantasy settings. - mid stage developement. - Estimated to go to Kickstarter Winter/Spring 2021.

PY2 - Quarantine, PY3 - Cemetery Gates, PY4 - Blood & Fire - These are the sequels in the plague year series. I had been working on Quarantine this past winter. When the pandemic hit full force I put these on hold. Some things are just to close to reality. PY2 is explicitly about the epidemic in the first module sweeping through a major city, the government quarantining it's people and shifty town guards abusing some of the folks in quarantine, causing much of the populace to riot. It is intended as a city based sandbox, in which the PCs can involved themselves in the strange currently events in any way they choose to deal with the plague and the injustice being done by the government of Ludolph's Pointe. As what I was writing and trying to put into game terms became mirrored in reality, I put the project aside. I felt that the game books would be in bad taste, and detract form the similar real world issues happening at this time. Someday I will get back to these. -On hiatus

Mothership Compatible Products:

Jungle Moon Death Ziggurat - Sandbox Hex crawl dealing with Corporate colonization, morality in a bleak future and mad science cults worshiping eldritch horrors. - Early stage development

Espers - Splat book dealing with an Esper class, psychic powers and Corporate experimentation. Early stage development

Six-Cess System:

The Six-cess system will be Appendix N Entertainment's own in house system for cinematic roleplaying. This uses a Player/Director shared character and setting creation system and a D6 dice pool success based conflict resolution system. Very light modules, called "Trailers" provide the base plots for adventures in this system.

198X - Kids and teens on adventures and fighting the supernatural is the name of the game. Many systems have tackled the genre, but none in quite the same shared cinematic storytelling way that we are coming at it. Playtests have provided a more "cinematic feel" to the game than any game we have encountered to date. - Early stage development. Intended as a boxed set containing Six-Cess System core rules, 198X genre rules and several Trailers. - Early stage developement

198X: Teenage Wasteland: 198X rules explicitly meant to create grittier teen and early twenties characters and stories. Provided are rules for government/cold war experimentation resulting in psychic characters. Basic campaign Trailers will be included which created a gritty game in which teens escape government test facilities and combat the corrupt government with their new psychic abilities. - Very early stage development.

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