Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Announcement: The Future of Gamers & Grognards and Appendix N Entertainment

Gamers & Grogards & Appendix N Entertainment

Over the past year, you may have noticed a drop in the posts on the Gamers & Grognards blog, was we move farther into work as Appendix N Entertainment. Over the past week, some have noticed that "Gamers & Grognards has ceased to exist. As we have moved on to publishing through Appendix N Entertainment, I have had to make the hard choice to "get rid of" Gamers & Grognards. The blog is now used infrequently, and when it has been it has been used to promote projects at Appendix N Entertainment. The site will stay up as All previous blog posts from Gamers & Grognards will stay up so that our readers use the former posts as reference. Additionally, the Gamers & Grognards page on Facebook will be taken down on 7/10/2020. To keep up to date please follow 

Going Forward: Appendix N Entertainment 

The Gamers & Grognards blog will not become the Appendix N Entertainment website. A blog will still be present, as well as a catalog of Appendix N Entertainment's products containing links to purchase them. The big differences that might be seen will be that new posts, if they speak to non Appendix N products, will only feature products used in lines that are supported by or compatible with our product and the lines we choose to support (Necrotic Gnome with their Old-School Essentials game being the number 1 system supported by Appendix N Entertainment at the time of this announcement.) At present, we will support Old-School Essentials, our own forth-coming Six-cess System, Mothership, and potentially Dark Streets & Darker Secrets and Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. You will also see information regarding conventions that we work with (or work for, in the case of U-Con.) 

We will be trying to post news about upcoming products, Kickstarters and sales here as well. 

Original Edition Appreciation Day

We haven't had an appreciation day in a couple of years. Frankly, it is dead, as we are not producing product for any version of OD&D or it's clones at this time. There is some talk of doing a BX/OSE appreciation day, but that has yet to be decided.