Friday, December 10, 2021

Appendix N Entertainment: Open Submissions For Modules

Appendix N Entertainment is currently accepting submissions from authors and hopeful authors of adventure modules written for Old-School Essentials Retro Adventure Game. Contracts will vary by individual but will generally follow these guidlines:

1. Pay and contract to be negotiable dependent upon word/page count, ownership of material, and rights for reprinting. 

2. Payment made in USD by check, PayPal or Payoneer.

3. Manuscripts length may vary from the original submission due to layout needs and will be discussed with the author.

4. Manuscripts should include all needed maps or illustrative devices and rough handouts. These can be rough drawings maps and will be reproduced by a professional illustrator or cartographer. If the author wishes to produce their own professional quality maps/handouts/illustrations these will have their own contracts drawn separate from the writing contract.

5. If you don't have a manuscript written, please send a short summary, contact info below.

6. Please look at one of our published adventures to understand the Gateway To Adventure line. We don't use boxed text or text that is designed for the referee to read aloud. 

7. Formatting of monsters stat blocks, spells etc. to follow OSE standards. Guidlines can be found right here.

8. Our mission statement of inclusivity in old-school gaming will be discussed upon contact.

9. The rights of unaccepted, rejected or otherwise unused manuscripts will be maintained by the original author.

You can contact us and submit to Please title the submission "Gateway To Adventure Submission".

We look forward to your submissions!