Thursday, October 1, 2020

Octhorrorfest 2020! Preorder Is Open!

 That's right! This year Octhorrorfest is coming in ZINE format! If you missed out on the Kickstarter we are giving you the chance to get a hold of this now! Preorders will ship once all Kickstarters have been fulfilled. We have 2 levels open for preorders. The first is strictly for the Octhorrorfest zine itself. The second matches the "All of the Horla: For Real!" pledge that he had on the Kickstarter. For this preorder, you get Octhorrorfest, plus our three previously published Old-School Essentials compatible products, in a limited edition orange cover printing! PREORDERS WILL BE CLOSED ON OCTOBER 22ND! 

What you get:

Octhorrorfest Preorder - 1 copy of Octhorrorfes

Octorrorfest Plus Back Catalog Preorder - Octhorrorfest, Lost Classes: The Arnesonian Classes, Solar Sanctuary of the Cannibal Corpse, Hidden Hand of the Horla all in orange print covers, only to be printed during the presale! Note: Lost Classes will not be printed again! These titles will only be printed in this format for those preordering. These special orange covers will not be printed again! 

Follow the links to preorder yours: 

Octhorrorfest Preorder

Octorrorfest Plus Back Catalog Preorder