Thursday, August 12, 2021

2nd Printing of Octhorrorfest, 3rd Printing of Hidden Hand of the Horla - Now on Kickstarter

Appendix N Entertainment has launched our 5th Kickstarter! The purpose of the Kickstarter is to put to of our best selling Old-School Essentials/B/X supplements back into print! We are completely out of the 1st printing of Octhorrorfest and both the 2nd and 3rd printings of Hidden Hand of the Horla! If you're playing OSE and looking for a starter adventure, more spells, more classes and new BX compatible rules, this is the place to be! If you are playing OSE and haven't been able to get these in print again, here they are, better than ever before.

This time around we want to get a more professional printing done, for both. Both will be offered in professionally printed full color covers (seen below.)  Both will be printed in A5 format to match the size of the official Old-School Essentials product line. If we can hit our $3500 stretch goal Octhorrorfest will be printed in an A5 hardcover to sit proudly next to your OSE rulebooks! 

Also, if you missed out on our Zinequest 3 Kickstarter for "The Child Thieves," it is being made available as an add on!

At the time of this posting we are $36 shy of funding. We have 92 followers of the Kickstarter right now that have not backed! If every one of these backed for the $23 level to get both Octhorrorfest and Hidden Hand of the Horla in print, we would not only fund, but hit that stretch goal of getting Octhorrorfest on your shelves as a hardcover! There's plenty of time to do it folks, we have 24 days left, but there's no reason to wait around! 

What's more? Since everything for this KS is ready to go to print, rewards will be sent out in October. That's right, rewards will be out the month after the Kickstarter ends!