Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Special Announcement For U-Con! We will have ConTessa! Plus a new incentive for ALL U-Con GMs!

This morning +Stacy Dellorfano made a special announcement regarding ConTessa. ConTessa will be coming to U-Con! Yep. It's pretty awesome. So, Stacy will be featured as the OSR Guest of Honor and also be heading up ConTessa. You can read her entire announcement here: ConTessa @ U-Con 2016: Call for GMs. Check it out, then come back here for a bit more...
Now that you've read Stacy's post you know about registration, which I will repeat here:
"Pre-registration event deadline for sign-up is September 15th, so get your games in ASAP! To register, head to the U-Con Event Submission Form, and provide all the information necessary for your event. It'll ask you things like your name, address, and so on, plus a title for your game, description, and how many players you'd like. 
Under the portion that reads 'Comments for event coordinator', let them know that you'd like your game to be added to the ConTessa track. Your game can be part of multiple tracks, so if you see another track it could also belong to, let the coordinator know. 
You'll get three choices for your scheduling preferences. Schedule your game for whatever works best for you, but I'd avoid Saturday morning so you can attend your breakfast!"
Now, if you are already registered as a GM this year at U-Con AND identify as female AND want to be tagged on the ConTessa track, email me personally and I will make sure that the change get's made to your events. My email is When you email, include the name you are registered under and events that you have registered to ensure that I can find them and make sure you are part of ConTessa at U-Con!
As an additional announcement for ALL U-Con GMs, this year you have a new incentive. If you run 16 hours of events at the convention, you will not only received compensation for your badge to enter U-Con, you will also receive a "Play Games All Weekend" ribbon!
So, G&G is an OSR blog, and as you likely know, I organize the OSR events for U-Con. If you can here to find out what qualifies for the OSR Track, check right here: Event Registration and OSR Event Qualifiers.
See you at U-Con!