Tuesday, May 7, 2013

R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen - A Way To Honor Him

I am sad to report that today, we have lost Ray Harryhausen at the age of 92.  This was a man who made up a great portion of my "younger self's" Appendix N.  Clash of the Titans and Sinbad informed me of how games should be, at least as much as any Conan story or Lord of the Rings.  I highly doubt that there are any in the OSR that won't be able to say the same.  The skeletons he created for Jason and the Argonauts informed me of exactly how a skeleton should be in an RPG!  There were also many adventures in my youth based heavily upon scenes and locations from both the Sinbad films and "Clash of the Titans."  His loss is nearly as great to old school gaming as that of Gygax or Arneson!  So let's remember him.  I say that we make this Friday the OSR Harryhausen blogfest!